Weekly Karaoke At Your Bar/Restaurant

Weekly Karaoke At Your Bar/Restaurant

 Computer based system, No discs to skip or scratch, &
the computer keeps track of the singers automatically. I use an online songbook, and request system where guests can browse for songs to sing, and send them directly to the system from the comfort of their seat! Automatic bumper music between singers means no dead air! I am proud to feature "recording studio" quality sound!

Only top quality songs. Over
60,000 selections for karaoke.

I do not host karaoke from YouTube, the internet, or any sources not owned by Sound Of The Times. We are 100% LEGAL & purchase all our music! 

Systems as small as 100 watts all the way up to 1300 watts. A system for almost ANY venue. 

Speakers from 10” & 12”, or state of the art “line array” "tower" speaker system with 10” subwoofer. 

We use only high quality professional dynamic wireless microphones.

Full LED and laser lightshow at NO additional cost For (4 hour shows and up)

Professional seasoned host who is ALSO a performer. I
have the experience of over 25 years in the entertainment industry as a DJ & a Vocalist.

(karaoke “bumper” music is simply filler between singers, and not a request DJ situation.)

Multiple weekly shows or events at the same establishment get pricing discounts! 

3 hour minimum show, but can extend for customer satisfaction, at reasonable overtime rates. 

All holidays, regardless if that is your “scheduled” performance or karaoke
day/night are booked at separate rates.

We provide initial advertisement posters and/or tabletop
flyers. We provide advertisement of shows on our website/Facebook. NO additional cost to

Three hour minimum show. Price to be negotiated.

Ask All The Questions You Like!

 TJ Will Respond A.S.A.P.!