Karaoke with TJ is an extremely fun experience! TJ's sound quality is at the professional level as he has the finest and most updated karaoke equipment. Unlike most other KJs, TJ will take the time when each person is singing to adjust the sound and key so each singer sounds as good as possible. TJ interacts with the crowd and keeps everyone happy with his enthusiastic demeanor and humor. Through the years he's been able to obtain so many song tracks making his library incredibly extensive that almost no one ever walks away without getting the song they wanted to sing. TJ is fair and caring and always encourages those that may be a little shy at the mic. He also will usually go beyond his scheduled time to keep the crowd happy and give everyone their chance to sing.

TJ is the best!

Natalie & Ross
Nov 19, 2022

“Wednesday Night is Date Night for my wife and I, and we usually spend it hanging with friends and singing some tunes with TJ at karaoke sitting with some fun friends. I am pretty picky about the karaoke systems I sing through. TJ has an excellent sound system, a large Library of tunes and is a great Host. I couldn’t ask for more. Great times with great friends.”

Joe & Traci S.
Mar 15, 2023

Terry is an amazing Entertainer and has helped me with my singing. He has 40 plus years in the business as an DJ and a singer/entertainer. Come on out to hear some really good singers, and ask Terry to sing an Elvis song and he will wow you!

Felix G.
Mar 15, 2023


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Terry Palmer

03 March 2020

03 March


Professional, Great sound system, know music very well!